How to order

  1. Browse Products: The customer starts browsing the products on your site. He can use the main menu or the advanced search options to narrow his search and find the products he wants to buy.
  2. Product page: Once the desired product is selected, the customer is directed to the detailed product page. This page displays images and detailed information about the product, including price, specifications, available colors, and previous customer reviews.
  3. Adding the product to the cart: If the customer decides to buy the product, he will add it to the cart. There should be a clear button that allows the customer to add the product to the cart with one click.
  4. Checkout: Once the customer has selected all the products he wants to buy and added them to the cart, he can go to the checkout page. It provides him with various payment options, such as credit cards or electronic payment services.
  5. Order confirmation: After selecting the payment method and entering the necessary information, the customer confirms the order. It must have options to review the order and ensure that the information entered is correct before confirming the purchase.
  6. Shipment Confirmation: After the order is confirmed, the Shipment Confirmation page is displayed. The customer can specify the shipping address
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