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AS Capsule: Your Path to Slimness with Natural Ingredients 
Begin your journey to slimness with AS Capsule, your natural solution for a healthy and balanced weight.

These capsules are the result of intensive research and development, carefully designed to support your journey towards achieving a healthy and ideal weight. They consist of a unique blend of natural ingredients, making them the perfect choice for those looking for a natural and effective solution.

are a proprietary formula of natural ingredients that have undergone numerous trials by the manufacturing company, which has ensured the collection of natural materials that contribute to energy provision and appetite suppression, thus serving as an excellent support for diets and exercise routines and helping to lose weight in the shortest possible time with minimal effort.

How AS Capsules Work
They act as a natural alternative to gastric sleeve surgery by filling 70% of the stomach and keeping 30% of it empty throughout the usage period through its effective natural ingredients.

Key Ingredients & Their Benefits

1. Chromium
It is the most important substance in the product as it acts as an alternative to gastric sleeve surgery. In addition, it is an important dietary supplement for the body and works on weight regulation and reducing cholesterol and blood sugar by filling the stomach and raising satiety levels in the brain, making you feel full for longer periods, as well as improving the mood and psychological state of the individual.

Sweet Potato
2. Works to reduce the level of the hunger hormone, decreases the body’s absorption of fats, and increases the body’s energy level.

Citric Acid
3. This acid works to reduce fats, specifically in the abdominal area, according to global studies that have been conducted.

Green Coffee
4. Contains caffeine, which works on reducing weight and burning old fats in the body, especially when combined with the Nanrj plant, which has the highest percentage of Vitamin C, making it a complete mix with coffee to help achieve the best results in the shortest time and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

5. A rare tropical fruit that acts as popular dietary supplement for weight loss and inhibits the accumulation of new fats in the body, and works on secreting the serotonin hormone, which improves the mental state and mood to reduce appetite.

Black Pepper
6. The outer layer of black pepper has been extracted, where it works on reducing fats and protecting against obesity diseases bu preventing the formation of fat cells through increasing body heat and thus increasing calorie burning.

Apple Cider Vinegar
7. Acts as a stimulant for metabolism and increases fat burning, especially around the abdomen and waist area, and is considered a solvent for accumulated and tough old fats.

8. A rare plant found only in parts of Asia, it provides the body with vitamins that help sculpt the entire body and achieve the ideal weight, as well as working on tightening sagging skin after weight loss in a supportive manner.

9. An element and vitamin important for the human body, which is difficult to obtain except through a specific diet, and works on:
1- Enhancing the health of the body, heart, and blood vessels.
2- Reducing headaches.
3- Reducing stress and anxiety.
4- Treating symptoms of the menstrual cycle.

10. A substance difficult for humans to obtain through food, except through extraction in powder form, where it works on protecting bones and joints, preventing osteoporosis, protecting against muscle cramps during exercise, and improving the health of the skin and hair.

11. Beneficial bacteria found in yeasts, which work on enhancing the important functions of the stomach and intestines to help complete digestion and absorption in the body, as well as increasing the body’s resistance.

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