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A low-porosity hair mask that completely addresses styling-resistant strands. It will add subtlety and lightness to oily and overloaded hair. Fluffy and raised at the base, they gain the effect of increasing volume and allow the scalp to breathe. As a result, the natural acid-base balance of the scalp is maintained and the functioning of the follicles is improved. In addition, the hair will stop being excessively greasy and will begin to grow faster! It’s all thanks to its carefully selected ingredient formula, which is the perfect solution to your low porosity hair needs. It will take care of your strands and provide them with deep hydration and nourishment. Coconut oil contained in it prevents split ends of hair follicles, baobab oil moisturizes and softens, shea butter nourishes and prevents dryness, and cocoa butter revitalizes hair and gives shine.

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